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On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba is the inspirational story of a young man from Califon, New Jersey whose positive attitude and giving nature rippled through the people around him.

The nineteen year old son of successful musician John Korba (RENT, Hall and Oats, Hudson River Rats), Jeff was an amazingly talented drummer in his own right, and a person who brought a positive vibe to everything he was involved in.

In November of 2007, Jeff was involved in an automobile accident while traveling through Yellowstone National Park. He died on the scene while accompanied by one of his best friends. Despite a thorough investigation, no cause was ever found for why his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic.

Jeff left behind an amazing and positive impact on those he met along life’s journey.  In On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba, we explore his humanity through the people he surrounded himself with, his family and his peers.

The film features video & music from five of his bands, music he created while in college, several live stage performances and home videos.

You will believe that through actions, one person can make a difference!

Crumlic News Pictures/Crumlic Media
Producer/Direcotr: Bill Crumlic
Assitant Director: Nash Addicks
Primary Music: Jeff Korba


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On Point 2012 "Free to See" Month Long Celebration in Honor of Jeff Korba's Birthday!

Each year in celebation of Jeff Korba's birthday on May 30th, Crumlic Media is proud to present the chance to watch the On Point documentary for free! Starting in 2012 we have decided to make the week long even an entire month long event! All of May through June 3rd fans are welcome to see the entire feature length film without commercial interruption online for free at crumlicmedia.com


On Point may also be ordered through Amazon at the regular price of $13.99. amazon.com


Congratulations to Jeff's friend and bandmate Zander Bleck on his release on Interscope Records!


Posted May 6, 2012

Jeff's close friend and bandmate from "Monument" Zander Bleck has released the video for his debut single "Temptation". The video was shot in New York City's "Santos Party Room" and reminds us of Zander's early days when Jeff was with him in Monument.

"Temptation" was written by Zander and Holly Knight (who also wrote hits for Heart, Tina Turner and Pat Benatar) and was the song that got the attention of producer RedOne (Lady Gaga, Usher).


"Temptation" is the first single off Monument, which Zander recorded in various studios around the world in 2010, and the early part of 2011. A subsequent studio session with producer Mutt Lange produced the track "Bring It On" which was used by FOX Television for their regional and national promos for the PAC 12 NCAA conference games.


Both "Temptation" and "Bring It On" are available for sale at iTunes. Zander is now putting the finishing touches on his debut set, Monument, which is to be released later in 2012 on Interscope Records.


See the Zander Bleck "Temptation" video on YouTube


In other news, Zander has agreed to take part in the recording of comentary which was to be a special feature included on the original On Point DVD. The commentary segment was dropped due to production time limitations in 2009. Director Bill Crumlic is working to schedule other guests for the commentary recording which will take place in late 2012. The commentary feature is expected to be added to the On Point website and accessable for free in May of 2013.

On Point film is granted IMDb page and is in high gear for the 2010 film festival season!

Posted January 18, 2010. UPDATED January 31, 2010

The well known Internet Movie Database (IMDb) recently recognized the Crumlic Media film production "On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba" and granted the film a dedicated page in the official online movie database.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, video games, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by Amazon.com.

"On Point" director/producer Bill Crumlic is also listed on IMDb for his first movie acting performance in the 2008 film "Seemless" directed by Harold Jackson III.

Having an official IMDb page helps to legitimize independent film projects by placing them on the largest and most complete record of film, television and published media.

This move also has opened the door to Amazon.com to selling physical DVD, digital downloads and Video On Demand begining in March of 2010. The price to puyrchase the "On Point" DVD on Amazon.co will be $13.99 plus shipping and handling of $2.98. The price through Crumlic Media is only $11.99 plus shipping and handling of $2.95, while supplies last. Once the Crumlic Media supplies are exhausted the only place purchase "On Point" on DVD will be through Amazon.

"On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba" gained the page thanks to submission to the "New Hope (PA) Film Festival" and "Migrating Forms Festival of Film and Video" in New York City. The film is currently being considered for acceptance by both festivals.

Currently, two other festivals have received the film and are in the review process including the "Southside (Bethlehem) Film Festival" located in Crumlic's former home the Lehigh Valley. The other festival is the Film Society of Lincoln Center's "New Directors/New Films."

More submissions are planned for the coming months including "Artsfest Film Festival" in Crumlic's hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the "New Jersey International Film Festival" hosted by Rutger's University where Jeff Korba's mother is a nursing professor.

Bill Crumlic encourages fans of On Point to visit the IMDb page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1580320/ and place a ranking vote to help the film continue it's sucess and growth.

Crumlic News Services is now Crumlic Media

Posted December 28, 2009.

The production company behind On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba has started the new year with a new name and new website that better reflect the company's future.

Crumlic News Services began in 2002 as a freelance spot and assignment news video business that supported television and print news media. Since that time CNS evolved into complete video production and feature film. A new name and website was needed that would more accuratly reflect the company's direction. Owner Bill Crumlic who directed and produced On Point made the announcement December 28th and premiered the new Crumlic Media website the same day.

To learn more about Crumlic Media and to see the new website please visit http://www.crumlicmedia.com


On Point featured in Express-Times & Hunterdon Democrat newspapers

UPDATED December 23, 2009.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey newspaper the Express-Times published two stories on Monday, December 21st, 2009 about On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba DVD being released. This just a few days after a blog mention on The AfterLife of Betty Cauler website. Cauler is a professional photographer and web designer.

The Hunterdon County Democrat also published a fantastic story about Jeff and the On Point documentary in the Thursday, December 17th, 2009 edition. The story appeared on page D-1, above the fold!

Production Editor Rick Epstein watched the DVD and said to Producer/Director Bill Crumlic, "Jeff's star quality comes through loud and clear. Makes me sad, but also reminds me that anyone can find things to be happy about like Jeff's mom says in the opening minute."

Here are links to the online newspapers:

Express-Times story 1

Express-Times story 2

Hunterdon County Democrat online story about On Point

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On Point film to be seen on RCN Cable Network in United States!

UPDATED 01/31/10 - Beginning in February 2010, Jeff's film "On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba" will appear on the daytime schedule of RCN4 and also available any time on RCN's VOD (Video On Demand) service.

RCN serves major markets such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and East-Central Pennsylvania a.k.a. the Lehigh Valley.

The censored version is finished and will be shipped to RCN on Monday. Once it is received it will be processed and we should have scheduleing information posted here in a few weeks.

There have been a few delays in getting the censored version produced and shipped to RCN which should be resolved by Crumlic in the first week of February.



Jeff Korba online: LINKS

The followingare a few links to find Jeff Korba related materials including some preformances and music on the internet. Know of more that we should post for others to see?
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Early Trailers. At the time the working title was "So Close: The Legacy of Jeff Korba"

News Stories and mentions about the accident:


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UPDATES: Jeff's Band Members


Zander Bleck has exciting news to share about his career. In December Zander was in in Los Angeles working on his debut Album with 5 time Grammy nominated producer RedOne (Lady Gagas producer) with the album splanned for a summer 2010 release.


Mike Valeri is reviving the Fresh Dub second album project, working on his solo career and he is playing with another band called Mr Perfect. More to come!


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