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About the movie

On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba is the inspirational story of a young man from Califon, New Jersey whose positive attitude and giving nature rippled through the people around him.

The nineteen year old son of successful musician John Korba (RENT, Hall and Oats, Hudson River Rats), Jeff was an amazingly talented drummer in his own right, and a person who brought a positive vibe to everything he was involved in.

In November of 2007, Jeff was involved in an automobile accident while traveling through Yellowstone National Park. He died on the scene while accompanied by one of his best friends. Despite a thorough investigation, no cause was ever found for why his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic.

Jeff left behind an amazing and positive impact on those he met along life’s journey.  In On Point: The Legacy of Jeff Korba, we explore his humanity through the people he surrounded himself with, his family and his peers.

The film features video & music from five of his bands, music he created while in college, several live stage performances and home videos.

You will believe that through actions, one person can make a difference!

Crumlic News Pictures&Crumlic Media
Producer/Direcotr: Bill Crumlic
Assitant Director: Nash Addicks
Primary Music: Jeff Korba


Movie Preview Trailer for the DVD release

This is a short preview movie trailer created specifically for the DVD release in December of 2009.

This trailer is slightly more than two and a half minutes.

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